Freitag, 16. Januar 2015

Fragmente: Sweet Brother Sleep

Sweet brother of mine
Come look at the time
It's past bedtime, I'm sure you'll agree
I'll just brush out my hair
Find a pillow somewhere
Then it's right off to dreamland for me

Sweet brother of night
Come douse all the lights
Crawl under the sheets with me
Together we're warm
And safe from all harm
No matter how cold it might be

Oh beautiful friend
Will you please hold my hand
For I fear that without it, I'm lost
So please scatter my mind
Make me helpless and blind
For tonight I will not mind the cost

Oh brother in black
See the wings on my back
They carry us far from this world
For a moment, forget
All the pain and regret
And marvel at wonders untold

And after the dream
When enough has been seen
Let shadows envelop my head
Let my soul fall apart
Calm my shivering heart
For a while, let me rest with the dead

Then I suddenly wake
And it's not even eight
Still I feel your embrace slip away
All too soon you are gone
Tell me, what have I done?
To be left here in fear and dismay

For one little kiss,
For a moment of bliss,
I have given you all I could be
But you left me to weep
Oh sweet brother sleep
Why have you forsaken me?

Fragmente: Another Day

Another night
another plight
another broken vow

Another promise
lost to time
I'll make it up somehow

Another day
another way
to not do what I must

Another flame
it's all the same
and ashes turn to dust

Another soul
another wall
another muffled scream

One day I'll find
the strength inside
to be what now
I only dream